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Integrated Process Team (IPT)

Enhancing winning team performance!

Course Purpose

This course teaches practical steps to success in a team environment. It is built on a foundation of self-discovery, with participants evaluating their own personality type, communication tendencies and leadership styles. The focus then shifts to situational leadership, describing situations in which certain personality types are naturally predisposed to take a proactive role and how leadership roles can change hands as projects evolve.

In the second half of the course, participants learn to build and manage WINNING teams. They will apply their new understanding of personality types to meeting challenges, problem-solving, and the effective use of Integrated Process Teams (IPTs). The art and science of decisionmaking through teams will be presented with all of its inherent nuances, challenges and complexities.

Examples and exercises will help bring the participants’ new knowledge from the theoretical level to work-place reality. While teaching communication skills between coworkers and business partners, the material will also benefit participants’ personal relationships with friends, spouses, children and other acquaintances. Examples of quantitative vs. qualitative decision-making, from math modules to “gut feelings,” will be discussed.


Management through the use of teams is a challenge!

Target Audience

All personnel participating in an Integrated Product/Process Team; anyone looking to enhance their communication and problemsolving skills.

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Course Length: 2 Days
CLPs: 16
Cost: Call
  • Recognize why people are sometimes ineffective in team efforts
  • Understand and recognize the personalities, inclinations, and talents of your process action team members
  • Feel the energy and excitement that happens when a group connects
  • Move past the "warm fuzzies" of teamwork and get people to use their strengths to enhance team output
  • A Primer on Personality Traits Found in an IPT
  • Why are Personality Profiles Important to this IPT?
  • Integrated Process Teams
  • Constructive Feedback & Effective Meetings
  • Conflict Management
  • Working Through Team Problems
  • Managing Agreement
  • Communicating with Colleagues and Customers
  • Strategic and Effective Decision-Making by Teams

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