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Performance-Based Services Acquisition (PBSA)

Learn to obtain better results through
performance-based contracts!

*This course may be lengthened to 3 days to include a day of performance-based consulting. An AMCI instructor/facilitator will apply the 2-day training to a SOW provided by your specific organization. The training is customized and made relevant to the participants' work.

Course Purpose

Participants learn to create a performance package that will produce desired results without telling the contractor how to do thework. The course also teaches participants how to restructure a solicitation, manage the source selection process, and develop postaward administration and monitoring plans.

This course leads students through a logical sequence of actions or phases starting with identifying a need; conducting market research assessing appropriateness; preparing the solicitation package and source selection plan; and administering the PBSA to completion.

The AMCI version of PBSA is a PMI®-accredited course for all government acquisition professionals. The AMCI PBSA course satisfies the UNSECDEF (A T & L requirements for “appropriate training on preparing performance-based SOWs”) as well as the training requirements set forth by OFPP for all federal civilian agencies.


Performance-Based procurements are part of government-wide priority to make federal acquisitions more results-oriented. They have become an important contracting tool. Their design and effective use require a different set of critical thinking skills, mindset, and analytical approach from both government and industry needs.

Target Audience

All members of the acquisition team responsible for performing market research; defining the need, and soliciting and contracting to satisfy that need; and administering the performance-based contract to completion.

AMCI offers volume discounts and discounts to government customers. Course prices listed are for Washington DC-based course offerings. Please contact AMCI for further information about our pricing or to receive a price quote for your organization's training needs.
Course Length: 2 days*
CLPs: 16
Cost: Call
  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of Performance-Based Services Acquisition (PBSA) and its relationship to managing risk in your contracts
  • Assess the appropriateness of PBSA for services contracts.
  • Implement performance-based contracting techniques using a repeatable six-phase structured process.
  • Conduct source selections for acquisitions using performance-based contracting
  • Identify the common pitfalls in developing performance-based contracts.
  • Assist project teams in developing performance-based statements of objectives
  • Define Needs
  • Conduct Market Research
  • Is PBSA the Appropriate Approach?
  • Construct an Integrated Performance-based Solicitation & Contract
  • Conduct Source Selection in PBSA
  • Administer a Performance-based Contract

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