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APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ) Accreditation

AMCI's instructors will provide training preparing the individual for the PMQ Accreditation.  

Preparation for APM PMQ Exam Certification - Virtual

Course Length: 4 days plus revision day


Course Objectives:

  • The Project Management Qualification (PMQ) (IPMA Level D) is a knowledge-based qualification developed by APM, the chartered body for the project profession, that allows candidates to demonstrate understanding of all elements of project management.

  • Candidates will be able to demonstrate an understanding of how these elements interact and how their project fits into their strategic and commercial environment. PMQ is an internationally recognized qualification, which can be carried from one job to another, or from one industry to another.

  • Our guide has been designed to help assist in guiding you through all learning outcomes and assessment criteria that form the APM PMQ syllabus. A copy of the syllabus will be provided to all candidates.

  • No exam will cover all of these outcomes, however the best prepared candidates are those that have the ability to answer a question, no matter what area of syllabus it comes from. The course manual has to be able to address all of these areas. Your trainer will guide you through the key aspects of these topics through the event. Useful sources of information are provided by AMCI and the APM body of Knowledge is available on the APM website. There have been books written on how to prepare for the exam. However, purchasing of these is an individual choice.

  • The APM recommend 40 hours of revision in addition to your PMQ preparation event to be fully prepared for your exam. Advice is provided as to how to prepare. You should be in a position to attempt questions closed book by the time you attend the exam prep module which culminates in a 3 hour remotely invigilated exam.


Who is this qualification for?

The APM Project Management Qualification is aimed at those wishing to achieve a broad level of project management knowledge sufficient to participate in projects from individual assignments through to large capital projects.

Applicants typically have some pre-existing project management knowledge. For candidates, this knowledge will have been built through on the job experience. The exam preparation course is not designed to teach you these topics from first principle. The course is designed to teach exam technique and enable you to identify any further areas of revision.

AMCI's current pass rate for APM accreditation is 72%, which is above the national average.

Contact Claire Young at for more information or to schedule this or any of AMCI's other Project Management Certification courses.

For more information on the PMQ Qualification requirements:

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Let our team at AMCI help you be prepared to advance your skills and complete your PMQ Accreditation 

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