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Learning Capability Modules

All of AMCI's Learning Modules are built with efficiencies in mind. Allowing the customer the ability to decide exactly what is needed to fit their needs. 

Managing Complex P3s

  • Project Management

  • Program Management

  • Portfolio Management


Learn an iterative approach to managing projects that focuses on continuous releases and incorporating customer feedback with every iteration.

Leadership and Interpersonal Skills

Learn skills affect almost every area of business. Help build partnerships as well as a collaborative team environment. Become a leader and not just a manager.


Collaborate with our team to build a strong mentorship program within your organization.

Subcontract Management

Learn the unique aspects of managing a sub-contract.

Risk & Opportunity

Learn what risk and opportunity management is, how to identify risks and opportunities in the design and manufacturing processes, and how to deal with them in the program / project schedule.  Also discussed will be the implications and impacts that they have, both good and bad, on cost, quality and schedule.

Team Dynamics: Understanding Personalities

With the use of psychometric based tools, learn the dynamics of building a highly functioning team in order to accomplish a goal. Examination of how to choose team members and how to manage the team to deliver successful results

Configurable Learning Solutions

Learning solutions which are configurable to the needs of the client.

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AMCI's Learning Services are proven to be the quickest and most efficient way to provide training for you and your company.

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