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Providing Effective Business Leadership within the Federal Government (CON 100)

DAU Approved for Equivalency

Course Purpose

This course provides the necessary training for attaining a broad, comprehensive understanding of the acquisition environment. Participants will develop professional skills for making business decisions advising other acquisition team members toward success in meeting customers' needs.

This CON 100-equivalent course provides a unique forum for those persons entering the contracting and acquisition career field within the federal government. It requires participants to open their minds to learning about the changing responsibilities of the contracting acquisition workforce; to understand the new and emerging legislation and policy governing acquisition; and to take personal actions necessary for their professional growth.


This is a DAU mandatory course and must be sucessfully completed prior to enrolling in any additional DAU contracting certification courses. The focus is not limited to DoD or the federal government.

Target Audience

All newly assigned federal government acquisition personnel.

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Course Length: 5 Days
CLPs: 40
Cost: Call
  • Explain the acquisition/contracting mission and its impact on the American economic system.
  • Distinguish among the current Government acquisition initiatives and new policies impacting the acquisition community.
  • Describe the importance of the oversight roles of the Government Accountability Office and Inspector General functions.
  • Explain the characteristics and responsibilities of the contracting professional in the role of a business advisor.
  • Determine the relationship between financial acquisition communities.
  • Acquisition Environment
  • The Contracting Customer
  • Building Blocks for Effective Acquisition Teaming
  • Business Alternatives for Meeting Customer Needs
  • Commercial Marketplace - The Preferred Approach
  • Financial Fundamentals for Contracting Professionals
  • ZODIAK Game
  • Government Acquisition Initiatives & New Policy
  • E-Business within the Federal Government
  • Customer Support through Effective Leadership
  • Problem-Solving
  • Your Professional and Career Development
  • Procurement Ethics
  • Senior Leadership on Change Management

Contracting 100-Small Business Program Overview

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